TMI 10-16-18

TMI Tuesday – Why is eating bad food, like having bad sex?


1. Do you like tattoos? Do you have any tattoos?  

No scared of needles

2. How did you pick your online profile name?

had a girlfrined who was wild and she spelled her name sindee loved the name and the first time i was with a Dom i needed a name so sindee popped out and Mistress spelled it this way too. since i love serving and Mistress loved me as a slave it became slave sindee

3. What’s one saying you try to live by? 

Do unto better  others as you would have them do unto you.  and i use the motto 

Live to serve serve to live

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4. What was the last bad meal you ate? Why was it so awful? 

never a bad meal

5. When was your last bad sexual encounter? Why was it so awful?

i cant think of any bad sexual encounters maybe my first threesome because i was stoned and not really into it although i did enjoy his cock in mouth.



Bonus: Tell us something random.  –

i could play as a pet dog all day



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humbly submitted

slave sindee


why oh why

This is what i ask i feel comfortable and ok when i dress like this doing dishespinklegup


but if i dress like this regularly the world thinks there is something wrong with me.


I wish i could dress this way and feel comfortable instead of worrying about what others were saying or treating me.

i love these style yet can\t wear them in public without dealing with other perception of me.

i just wanna be me

hoping some day

to be

slave sindee





Late TMI

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Too Much Information Running Through Your Brain
1. If you had three wishes that would come true, what would they be?

serving a partner who loved me for me.
have unlimitted funds money 
traveling to places to please my partner/Lover

2. What are your favorite things to spend money on?

Others , and sexy clothes

3. If you could write a song about your life, what type of music would you use?

would start as a slow song, move into a hot moving Tina Turner style Proud Mary 

4. If you could choose your partner again, would you choose the same person?

no need someone to understand who i am and a strong Female to lead me

5. When it comes to discussing your sex life, who do you confide in more than anyone else?
no need to find someone and i use my  blog and the internet
Bonus: What’s your definition of cheating? Is there really such a thing?

this word has changed for me through the years…
but i guess the best answer is having to hide what i do not being truthful with my partner and lover

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TMI This or That

​1. Pancakes or waffles?

Chocolate Chip Pancakes

2. Steak or Lobster?


3. Freckles or dimples?

i have dimples and I love them, freckles look fabulous as well!

4. Board games or video games?

both, depending on the mood I am in

5. Dress up or dress down?

 home I always dress down…if this is down

6. Backseat of car or kitchen  counter? (Of course I’m talking about a spontaneous place to have sex)

done it on  the kitchen counter.. had a lover mount me while i was driving and later backseat She was a wild child too bad She left town.

7. Nipple clamps or handcuffs? Tell us why you chose your particular sexual encounter enhancement?

nipple clamps are fun and so are handcuffs why do i have to choose 

Bonus:  How was your weekend? Would you like to repeat it or never see that weekend again?
kinda boring cleaned house for a Super Bowl Party and cleaned up afterwards nothing sexual


TMI Tuesday–  No Frills, I’m on the road again.

1. What food(s) is your city/country known for?

2. What should people do when visiting your city?

3. What do people do when they come to your home?

4. What should people expect when they visit you?

service from me

Bonus: If you were chair who would you like to have sit on you?

Without a doubt if she would allow me the pleasure Vanessa Chaland at

Vanessa Chaland

She writes but her books at



Greetings & Salutations. Another TMI Tuesday presented today to jump-start your writing, jog your memory, and spur deep thought. It’s tricky…

1. Is falling in love effortless?


Yes indeed its effortless stay in love is work I don’t know how to answer it

2. Is your significant other most like your mom or your dad?


More like my Father

3. Which parent do you identify with most?


My Mother

4. What one thing are you lacking that you believe will make your life run smoother?


5. Which is sexier: constantly pushing the boundaries or playing by the rules?

constantly pushing the boundaries….

Bonus: Do you think confessions make a relationship stronger?
only if there is forgiveness and understanding between all parties
Have a great week
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TMI June 5 2018

Hi. How are you? Are you going to play TMI Tuesday?

I love to play


What kind of person are you?
1. Are you addicted to any social media (twitter, instagram, snapchat, etc.)?

I’m addicted to many Facebook, Flickr, Eblog, WordPress, Fetlife, Twitter, Tumblr. have multiple accts.

2. You know a secret about someone. What do you do with that information?
a. I keep it to yourself
b. I tell my best friend
c. I wait until they hurt me and use it as ammunition
d. I tell everyone I can, I don’t mean to, I just cannot keep a secret

A. My friends confide because they know it gets heard and most likely forgotten.
3. You see someone breaking the rules at work, what do you do?
a. Pretend not to see what is going on
b. Inform upper management
c. Advise the co-worker that their actions are frowned upon and can lead to job loss
d. Tell everyone else in the office what you saw

i’m retired but i was a boss so if i saw it i had to act on it.

  1. A friend has a new hairstyle that is un-becoming, and not really age-appropriate on them. They ask you how they look. What is your reply?
    a. You look just fine.
    b. You look much better this way.
    c. OMG, you look a bit ridiculous.
    d. *Silence*

I’m pretty straight forward i would probably saw Wow nice new look but you know i am old fashion and wish you hadn’t been so bold. Please bring the old o\look back

5. How helpful are you at home?
a. I come home and immediately veg out on the couch/bed.
b. I cook and clean a few times a week.
c. I am extremely helpful.
d. I do what I am asked and nothing more.

It’s in my nature to try to do it all


Bonus: In your opinion, what is the best city in the world? Why?

Chicago because the city has it all.



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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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