Train Ride

So i worked all day and usually don’t sit down but today i was tired. Dressed in my male work uniform wearing shorts. i sat alone last seat in car. Big Mike saw me and walked over to me and said “what are you waiting for? get off that seat so i have a place to sit”
Yes Sir as i stood.  Big Mike was black about 6 ‘2″ 240 a real man who took a liking to me awhile ago. i have sucked him before and He tasted great. He told me never tell anyone. i haven’t except i blogged about it.
So here i stood tired and watched as He sat He unzipped himself. He looked up at me saying “why am I looking up at you? Kneel down NOW”
Wow was all i could think as i kneeled in the train not even looking around just obeying. Gosh it felt good. “hey are you in dream land or do i have to tell you everything” i was feeling good staring right at His open zipper.
“well what are you waiting for get it out and do your thing” Yes Sir as i started pulling His cock out . It looked so nice and was semi erect. i just held it feeling the soft hot skin and

slowly lowered my lips to it. The tingles inside my body felt wonderful. i slowly wrapped my lips around His beautiful Cock head. The soft texture the sweat of a long day. i was feeling great . He grabbed my hair and jammed His cock into my mouth. i almost gagged as He really had a thrust.
i wanted slow and easy. But its not me its Him. He wanted it hard and fast.
He pulled my head up and down , as i sucked never losing suction. He kept driving my head with His massive hands. i felt the tension build up. i tasted the precum. His hands kept my head moving faster and faster then i ever would have and then the explosion of tastes. i gagged as the first shot came out the sides of my mouth . i thought it most have been a long time . As His seed kept filling my mouth. i swallowed and swallowed. i heard Him gasp and Him say “that’s my sissy such a lovely cum hole for a mouth. i just kept my lips wrapped around His Beautiful Black Cock. Not caring where i was but i was with Big Mike and had His Cock in my mouth.