tmi 10-29

TMI Tuesday: October 29, 2013

SexualityExpress Yourself

sexuality def_tmi

1. Can you tell when your lover is close to having an orgasm? How can you tell? What are the signs? oh yes by the way she is breathing and holding my head in place

2. Ladies have you ever seen YOUR g-spot? Men have you actually seen the g-spot? yes and i touch and caress it with my finger 

3. Which sexual position do you find most stimulating?
a. missionary
b. woman on top, facing man
c. doggy style
d. other – tell us about it

 B woman on top watching her enjoyment as She uses me to please Herself

4. When you orgasm, are you:
a. silent 
when gagged and mouth fully stuffed ie inflatable didlo
b. make a little noise  
moans with ball gag or Woman’s hand over mouth
c. yell out!  
on demand

5. A lover orgasms quickly, way before you are even close to having an orgasm. Do you stop the sex once he/she has had an orgasm or do you continue sexual play so you can orgasm too?She enjoys multiple Ogasms and i only cum when She is ready to allow it

Bonus: On average, when you masturbate how long does it take to reach orgasm?
a. Less than 3 minutes 
When in Men’s room and others are around

b. 3 – 5 minutes if in Men’s room by myself

c. 5 – 10 minutes watching porn

d. more than 10 minutes  when masturbating for my Lover She likes me edging and gets off on making me wait 30 to 40 minutes


                                                 as always at your service


                                                           slave sindee


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