Thoughts during sex TMI

Thoughts during sex

texting during sex couple2
1) What was the last fantasy you thought about while masturbating? That Master and Mistress went out and had a wonderful time and then allowed me to serve them both by licking them clean and allowing me to sleep with their feet on me.
2) Do you think about fantasies while playing with your partner?Yes , i dream for Her to be a real Mistress and use me instead of me always pretending that She tells me to do all that i do for Her. Instead of Her thinking i am being to nThere is more ice to Her.
3) If the sex isn’t that great do you find your mind wanders? If yes, to what? Even after 37 years of marriage my job is to always make it the best time ever for Her
4) Have you ever thought about a previous partner while with another?  Oh Yes my first wife was very demanding and She loved sex all the time and anywhere. i just didn’t realize what a wonderful Mistress i had.
5) What is the biggest turn-off thought that has barged into your head at the wrong moment? Hasn’t happened yet maybe if She is not enjoying
Bonus: If you were to think of another blogger during sexual play (intercourse, masturbating, etc.) to spice things up, who would it be? (put a link to their blog so we can all go think of them) There is more than one that comes to mind
 Humbly at your service
slave sindee
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Happy TMI Tuesday!

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