Good Shave

It all started so simply , i was going out with the girls tonite and i have a new outfit. So i saw this sign

and went in there was a closed door with this sign and i knew i was in the right place

I sat down and waited my turn. i haven’t had a good close shave in a long time. Ah to be pampered and have a nice clean shaved face. It was my turn. The barber was a handsome black man with strong firm hands. i sat in his chair. He said “wat up and wat u need?  ” A nice close shave, Sir

Holding my long hair in his hand he said ” so u need a close shave for your lover boy? U a sissy aren’t u?” shocked as i was dressed in drab, i muttered Yes Sir. He said lets’ get started He threw a hot rag on my face.

Not being able to say anything as the hot towel covered my mouth. He started speaking  “ just keep quiet, I enjoy sissy bois like you. When i finish i am taking you into the back room and gonna find out just how good of a sissy boi you are. Just keep your eyes closed and mouth shut til i am finished got that” He slapped my head as i nodded yes.

His hands and touch were so strong and manly he pulled my face tight and gave me the best shave i ever had. I had forgotten about the back room as i was just enjoying His touch.

He finished as i sat there just enjoying the feel of a close shave with a sharp single edge blade. He looked and said What you waiting for/ Get your sissy ass up and go to that back door. as i walked over there get on your knees and wait bitch. i felt everyone’s eyes on me but i dropped to my knees as i got to the door.  i waited and waited never hearing his footsteps as the place was buzzing with noise and words. i couldn’t tell what anyone was saying. Then i felt Him grab my hair and rub the back of my head on His crotch. So you like the feel on my cock on you i am gonna have a good time maybe if your good i will send my friends back and let them have a go at you.  He open ed the door and dragged me by my hair. Wow, i thought this is a dungeon back here.

Get naked and lay on your stomach with your mouth over the edge now move bitch. i took off my pants and started folding them. hey take em off throw em in a  pile or i’ll cut em off you 

so i quickly stripped and didn’t even notice what He was doing. Quite frankly i was getting scared. As i layed  down over the bench. He grabbed my hands don’t talk or i will gag you and have everyone out front dry fuck your sweet dry ass got it sissy. uh huh was all i could mutter. He tied my hands and legs spread eagle over the bench. i would have gladly worshiped His cock without all this. Wonder what he is gonna do ?  Was He really gonna bring more back here? my mind was racing.

He stood in front of me. i looked up at him. Did He seem big now. He grabbed my hair and yanked my head up even higher. So You like this huh? i could n’t say or even moan as He had moved up and His crotch was jammed into my mouth. rubbing his cock and pants on my face.

i don’t wanna hear your voice he let go of my hair stepped back and just pulled his cock out of His pants. i smiled when i saw His 10 plus inches. He just jammed His semi erect cock into my mouth Gaggin me. i felt the blood running into His cock as it grew into my mouth. i wanted to enjoy this He wanted to cum and fuck my face. He just kept pushing His cock in and out using my mouth until i felt it His cock started to throb i tasted some precum. don’t let it out keep sucking your a vacuum suck it down Yeah bitch take it all i haven’t cum for a  week. i was swallowing gagging swallowing gagging glad He came and it was tastee. No enjoyment for me He came must have been a quart a gallon. The most i ever had shot down my throat.  Damn Sissy you is good i gonna  like having you around.

He left before i could even say Thank You

About 30 minutes maybe an hour went by. Someone i never saw before came in. looked at me and laughed. He said “this is gonna be good”

i blacked out shortly there after and woke up with my pants on a sore ass and in Humboldt Park.

At least i had my money and keys , i knew i was going back again. Didn’t make it with my friends, wonder if they will understand.  Man is my ass sore.