TMI Tuesday: January 27, 2015

Hello! This week’s TMI Tuesday questions were adapted from the Newlywed Game. Enjoy!

Bringing Up the Past

1. What is the nickname a lover had for you that made you cringe? strangely my first wife called me her brown eyed monkey. second wife current calls me prick 

2. Where do you most often toss or keep your excess change (coins)? in a jar Boring

3. If someone wrote a book about your past lovers and past sex life, which category fits best:
a. Abnormal psychology book always trying to please
b. Steamy romance novel
c. Sad sad story

4. Some say sex is like driving. Pretend you are a car. Are you: rear, front or all-wheel drive? get ready for all wheel drive sports car

5. What is it that you do daily that you would like to stop doing? getting out of bed , i would love to be able to do everything i need to do in bed

6. What is the biggest lie you ever told to get someone into bed or the biggest lie you ever told in bed? That i loved her when it was really just lust

Bonus: If married, who was interested in marriage first, you or your spouse?  My spouse , She is very conservative and told me it was about time we got married and i should figure out a way to be romantic and ask Her. She doesn’t understand how much She dominates me and how submissive i am to Her


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

TMI Tuesday: January 6, 2015 a week or so late

Maybe i need a spanking for being so late

TMI Tuesday: January 6, 2015

1) What book or magazine have you read recently that turned you on? Strange not much of a reader but i do enjoy stories on

2) What sort of porn do you watch to get aroused? Tumblr , flickr my tumblr is at

3) What is the sexiest song? Love this not sure about sexy tho

4) What music do you like to have on while having sex? i usually don’t listen to music

5) When masturbating do you prefer
A) reading smut on internet

Bonus:  What is the sweetest sexy song? love The Wet Spots this one is Do You Take It ?

TMI Tuesday: January 13, 2015

1. Where you live what is the current season? Winter


2. Do you measure/report the weather temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit? F really in F’s

3. Describe your ideal day of weather? 76 to 84 with a slight lake breeze

4. When it is cold outside I want to: a
a. Run outside naked because it is exhilarating.

5. Do you go “commando” in cold weather or in winter? when ever and where i can i do  beaver

6. For 10,000 USD Would you rather ride a bike for one mile (1.6 km) in 7 degrees  F/ 14 degrees C weather  or jump naked into a freezing cold Alaskan lake in winter? ride my bike when do i get the cash

7. What is your favorite piece of winter clothing? tights

8. Have you ever worn Long Johns aka long underwear or thermal underwear?yep

Bonus: Do you have more or less sex in the winter months vs. other times of year? unfortunately i am having sex less and less