Stormy Snowy days are here again

Good Day my Sexy Friends, i was going to go out to a Burlesque show with Mia D.Vine, Lily Leblanc and dominatrix Mara Mayhem!.  But my youngest daughter came over. Had to rush to change into drab wear. Here’s the top of what i was going to wear.  IMG_1831[1]

So chatted with her and her fiance for several hours. Then played with my favorite new tail. IMG_1823[1]

And woke up to this lovely storm today.


Gotta love snow and The Windy City(Chicago) my kinda town.

Was supposed to have some folks over for the Super Bowl but they all called off due to weather. so i shall shower shave and dress up.

One thought on “Stormy Snowy days are here again”

  1. Yeah…it’s snowing here too. ALL day from what they say. I want to get out there and take some photos later. If the winds calm down & if I get motivated! Love the photos

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