TMI Tuesday: March 31, 2015


Hi peeps! It’s been a long day, I’m exhausted. No energy to be creative for TMI Tuesdayso I ripped these questions (and modified) from a dating website.

Yes, I’m listening…

garfields listening_tmi
1. Who has been the biggest influence in your life?

Rev Jim from Taxi,. i always wanted to be like him.

He was fun never wanted to hurt anybody

2. What kinds of things really make you laugh?

Rev Jim from Taxi, made me laugh sometimes SNL (Saturday Nite live).

a great scene from Taxi 

3. What’s your favorite place in the entire world? serving a wonderful Mistress
4. Who is your best friend? Right now none sadly

What do you like about him/her?
5. What’s your biggest goal in life right now? to find a Women who desires a FLR
6. What was your family like growing up? very Father Knows Best.


Bonus: What is one thing about you that would surprise us? That i have no best friend. 

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