TMI Tuesday… Let’s Get Personal


1. Toilet paper. How do you hang your toilet paper? The end coming over the top or with the end coming from around the back and at the bottom?

over the top its the way it is supposed to be per the patent for the toilet paper over

2. Towels. Do you use a new one each time you bathe or reuse?

When it starts to stink usually after about 6 or 7 uses.

3. Bathing. Do you use a washcloth to clean your body or use the soap directly all over your body with no washcloth?

sometimes usually just the bar

4. Bra. Do you remove your bra by taking your arms out of the straps first, then inching it around your body until you can reach the clasp and undo it or do you contort your arms, and reach around and unclasp.

depends on the bra usually just reach around put sometimes just over the head  

Woman Holding Bra Fastener
Woman Holding Bra Fastener

5. Dishwasher. Rinse/prewash all dishes before loading or just load.

i love washing the dishes so i just use the dishwasher to dry the clean dishes


6. Breakfast cereal. Cereal in bowl first, then pour on milk or put milk in bowl then add cereal?

Cereal then milk.

7. Toothpaste. Squeeze from bottom working way up tube as it empties or squeeze from middle or wherever you want?

Squeeze from the bottom love to be neat

8. Condoms. Do you put it on your lover or does he put it on himself?

love to put it in my mouth and roll it over him


9. Condom disposal. In the garbage bin or flush down toilet?

depends on where its been usually he does in bin

Bonus: Write your own bonus question and tell us an intimate detail about you or your habits.

from kittykatsbitsandbobs her question… Have you ever worn the same undies two days in a row? Be honest!

Sadly but they were cute and felt good


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