day went into da crapper

wow what a day today. had a good day with the wife. She won’t hug me or kiss me been 10 plus years. but spent the day with her was pretty upbeat. Then when i got home my pregnant daughter’s bil and hubby advised me that i haven’t done enough for my daughter and her hubby. Even though i have done everything and more. My wife hates him and wishes my daughter would leave him. they have lived with me and up until i walked in the door thought everything was rosy. i will miss both him and her as they have brought joy to me over the 18 months. i am real upset and not sure what want to do about anything in life. feels like my gut is being ripped out as i cry myself to sleep ok who am i kidding i cant sleep

TMI November 1 2016

TMI Tuesday: November 1, 2016

New month, new questions…get to writing that new blog post by playing TMI Tuesday.


1. What makes you cry?

many things thinking of my Mother & Father. Things that remind me of them. The Cubs winning back to back games

2. The world is ending (or you are on death row), what would be your last meal?

chili cheese fries and

Elis Cheese cake and chocolate cake , washed down with chocolate shake 

3. You must join a gang/crew, of the choices below, which gang would you join and why?
a. Rue Bella and the Annie Depressants – a crew of drag queens Easy choice love to be in drag 
b. Aryan Brotherhood of white supremacist
c. Secret Society of The Order of Chaeronea – fostering an understanding and acceptance of gay community and lifestyle
d. Free Hugs club – monthly membership requirement of hugging 10 strangers a month
e. Quidditch Club – Mandatory game every Sunday. (Not a Harry Potter fan, read this for more info ).

4. Who makes the best leader of a country–your mom or dad? Why?

Hmm hard one but i think my Dad. He was compassionate and caring yet very demanding in doing the right things for the right reasons.

5. If you could abolish one piece of modern technology, what would it be and why?

This was difficult until i read AtiyaLuv’s  response definitely the cell phone and bring back face to face communications. Less auto accidents due to less distracted drivers. it annoys when when i see someone walking their dog and chatting , texting or social media folks do this when walking down the street with their children. Cell phones not allowed at our table when we are

Bonus: Will you (or have you) celebrate Halloween this year? What did you do?

i do not celebrate Halloween watched the Bears win for a change.


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Happy TMI Tuesday!