TMI Tuesday – Ask yourself…1-25-17


1. At work, what sets you apart from others?

everyone says I am crazy and helpful

I think outside the box and i am not afraid to assist or help out 

2. When it comes to sex appeal, what sets you apart from others?

Never gave it much thought but i am a pretty good dancer. 

worked as a male stripper for a couple years in my 20s ah those were the days. 

i have pretty decent leg 

3. What are the big imbalances in your life?

that i can’t be missy more and have to be grandpa and father.

4. What is it that your family and close friends cannot do that only you can do?

be missy

5. Are you flexible enough?

having to be too many different personalities makes be flexible !

i am not physically flexible at all

Bonus: What was the best news you received in 2016?

That after having a third of a lung removed and going through a long chemo process by wife had a 3 month cancer free screening and she is on a road to recovery.

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