bored & confused

So here it is Sunday morning went to church drove church bus. i like ti think i am a good Christian boy. But this i am wearing oink panties and bra with a butt plug. old pic but same panties & bra.


wishing i had this on instead.


Sometimes i wonder what’s wrong with me. i love others and try to be helpful to all. But i have this desire to be a sissy and maid to serve others especially Women. i truly love Women and wish to obey and serve all Women all the time in every imaginable way.

So i read this today from a book by mike yaconelli ” Messy Spirituality is a description of the Christianity most of us live and that few of us admit. … M.S. is a celebration of a discipleship which is under construction “.

Makes me think i might be ok but i still wonder ? Does anyone really understand me ?

Maybe mike yaconelli was someone i should have met a long time ago.  Love reading his book makes me think.




humbly at your service

slave sindee


Well home alone ok Daughter, husband and grandchild all sleeping and i’m bored watching Da Bears drinking some Beer.

wearing pink panties and bra under drab wear.

wish i had a fun playmate




wishing i had this set


Have a Great Day

Enjoy Life


slave sindee











oct 8 TMI



1. I am me because  Who else could be me as Popeye says i am what i am .

2.    I will never, ever do marriage again.

3. He was grabbing ice cubes and dropped them into a drink and the party started.

4. Ok, ok I’m really lonely and want to be hugged .

5. The charming Mistress got in my head.

Bonus: Tell us about places where you’ve been happiest.  was at Mistress’s wedding when i served as a bridesmaid and when i am at Her house cleaning dressed in a common maids outfit.


trying to feel sexy & wanted

Well its been over a year wife or should i write soon to be ex wife has decided now that she is cancer free for a year that she needs to be on her own no strings. She said 40 years of me is enough. still trying to wrap my head around this. Although, She doesn’t understand my cross dressing nor approve and that i have treated Her as my Mistress doing anything She  wanted or asked. my way of being in a FLR.

So i am lonely for companionship and leadership.

Started dressing this is my legs for the day.



at your service


slave sindee