The Vice by Locked in Lust

While on vacation chilin in the sun, drinking tequila, and getting tan

I was a lucky sissy slave and won The Vice from Locked in Lust.  Thank You

i follow them on (twitter and Facebook (

. Web Site :

So when i got home and was alone i eagerly opened my package

Inside i found the Pink Vice many parts looks confusing :

But i figured it out. hooray and it took several tries and some ice to finally get it on:

and of course what did i have to do next yep gurly pee time

Ok sit down slowly

 and now all the way down

Hands washed and whipped my Vice.

Ok locked in place have to go out to do some shopping

Planning on keeping it on long time. since i don’t have a keyholder.

Humbly submitted

slave sindee

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