Day 3 The Vice

Good Morning

another good night of sleep not sure why and man would not enjoy wearing The Vice or similar product. It feels fine although getting aroused can be painful.

Highly recommended

Not sure what the day looks like yet

Maybe gym and work out or babysit by 8 month old Grand daughter


At Your Service


The Vice Day 2

So i won The Vice, i put it on as soon as i could. A self imposed chastity.  i so believe in Female Led Relationships and desire one. Who knows maybe some day. i keep dreaming and believing.  Sleeping in The Vice was much different that i expected but in a good way.  I slept with no problems. So what about showering no problem. He this isn’t so bad at all. So let’s get dressed and on with the day


Making 10 deliveries toady getting in & out of car and walking around. Worked out fine no problems.

Now for second half of day gonna sit around in heels and mini skirt.

Have a good Night


At Your Service