Slave positions

From Mistress Lisa’a Femdom Diary Thank You Mistress for publishing

Slave positions

Awhile ago I came across 2 graphics showing 25 “slave positions”. They are a series of very specific body positions of the sub/slave to the Mistress to offer for service, display, servitude or play. They weren’t numbered so I numbered them in case sometimes I just want to use numbers when ordering a slave. And I also heard about another pose (the kowtow) so I created a graphic showing that. So far I’ve only been requiring subs/slaves to know the kowtow position and to always use this pose to greet Me. But in the future I will require a sub/slave to learn more positions.

A sub is required to initially greet Me in kowtow position when first arriving in my home, then to wait til I place my lovely foot before him and I command him to kiss it and then the other one. I love this submissive act. It’s a nice way for him to show his respect and subservience.

i so want to be able to be a good service slave


slave sindee