Man clothes 3 days ECK

so due to family get together for the last 3 days nothing but male attire not even panties.

one of my nephews girlfriend keep teasing me with her sexy feet in white sox

i so wanted to rub , suck and worship her feet. i’m sure noone noticed the pics i took.

i must be kinda weird being in church for a baptism, mass and still thinking about those sexy feet.

so now after 3 days of tequila, family, church, and man clothes i go to bed wearing my pink nightie

nite nite



3 thoughts on “Man clothes 3 days ECK”

  1. Hi SS thanks for taking the time to share your life.
    I think most men if being honest would suck their Womans toes and worship their feet if they had the chance.
    I think most men are afraid of having there false image shattered, at least you are honest.

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