taking out da trash

so the other day Thursday i took a couple of pics while my Granddaddy was napping.

i was babbysitting and enjoying and needed to take out the trash. my neighbor and i talked outside over the fence. He never said anything about the heels i was wearing or the leggings pr the pink top.  hmm maybe i’m more natural then i think.

here’s the pics

i didn’t put a coat on thought it was a quick run out and back in

Have a great day



4 thoughts on “taking out da trash”

  1. Oops slave sindee if my comment was insensitive please delete and disregard. I meant it teasingly but I’m a bit tired from lack of sleep so I really should refrain from commenting when I’m in this state. Couldn’t find your email to contact you. You can delete this comment too please. 🙂

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