#LingerieIsForEveryone – Week 6

My new nitghie from Walmart


humbly submitted



TMI Tuesday: February 26, 2019

Hey sexies! Welcome to TMI Tuesday blog.

sexy time

my first thought since i just turned 64 was this song.

Then i re read Hey Sexies and no one was picking on me for being 64

btw i am a big Beatles Fan so enjoy Paul.

so here goes

1. What are your romantic needs?  My romantic needs are put aside as i focus on my partner. For i am there for them not me. My pleasure and needs are met when my partner is happy.
2. What are your sexual needs?  My sexual needs are meeting and focusing on my partner. For i am there for them not me. My pleasure and needs are met when my partner is happy.
3. Do you agree that marriage was a pragmatic institution and in today’s society traditional marriage is not a need but merely a want? i firmly believe some want to get married because that is what is done in our society.  ideally, i’d say that open marriages would likely be a good compromise. i m currently go thru my second divorce and can’t for the life of me ever think i shall do a third. but life is life and who really knows. but if i do it will be full of kink.
4. Do you find conflict in your romantic relationships exciting? Sadly, seems i haven’t been in a romantic relationship for a long time.
5. During sex are you focused on positions or the quality and connection with your lover? being submissive i focus on my lover


Bonus: Men, what do you have a hard time talking to your lover(s) about?

this me wanting to be me and live to serve them



humbly submitted


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TMI State of Happy

The State of Happy














1. Do you like where you live or do you wish you could move? I do love  where I live but things change being forced to sell by soon to be ex. looking forward to next adventure

2. No matter what life throws at me, I believe that I can deal with it. Agree or Disagree? agree i made it to 63 and 64 is around the corner give me your best shot

3. A dear friend is stuck in an unhappy relationship. What advice would you give to the friend to cope–how can they make lemonade out of lemons? It’s hard to cope through an unhappy relationship.  I have found that sometimes you have to let go of something to be happy again.  Thing is, I can’t tell anyone that, they have to find out for themselves.  All I can do is be there for them and support them through it.

4. Nothing of value can be learned from failure. True or False? False!  without failure great success can not happen.

5. Even if you are sure about your ultimate choice, do you still ask others for advice before making an important or risky decision? I do

BonusWhat is the sweetest or rewarding moment in your life?  

Knowing my children have done well.  their births and the birth of my seven grandchildren



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mani – pedi

so i go here to see Maggie every 3 months or so to get a man – pedi.

yesterday as She gets my toes ready for some Purple rain nail polish.

She brings out pink slides for my feet and says ” sissies like you should have more pink on so i am giving you these slides instead of the blues ones real men get”

I just said Thank You.

Gave Her a big tip and enjoyed Her marvelous work.




getting ready to leave for 10 days out of country

have a great day




hmm sometimes i wonder what my passengers would think if they knew what i wore under my male drab clothes ?

20190131_054618.jpg20190131_054454 (1).jpg20190131_054618.jpgToday’s wear keeping warm with tights and knee high socks and pink sport top

have a great day

stay warm cuddle up with a loved one




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