TMI Tuesday: February 26, 2019

Hey sexies! Welcome to TMI Tuesday blog.

sexy time

my first thought since i just turned 64 was this song.

Then i re read Hey Sexies and no one was picking on me for being 64

btw i am a big Beatles Fan so enjoy Paul.

so here goes

1. What are your romantic needs?  My romantic needs are put aside as i focus on my partner. For i am there for them not me. My pleasure and needs are met when my partner is happy.
2. What are your sexual needs?  My sexual needs are meeting and focusing on my partner. For i am there for them not me. My pleasure and needs are met when my partner is happy.
3. Do you agree that marriage was a pragmatic institution and in today’s society traditional marriage is not a need but merely a want? i firmly believe some want to get married because that is what is done in our society.  ideally, i’d say that open marriages would likely be a good compromise. i m currently go thru my second divorce and can’t for the life of me ever think i shall do a third. but life is life and who really knows. but if i do it will be full of kink.
4. Do you find conflict in your romantic relationships exciting? Sadly, seems i haven’t been in a romantic relationship for a long time.
5. During sex are you focused on positions or the quality and connection with your lover? being submissive i focus on my lover


Bonus: Men, what do you have a hard time talking to your lover(s) about?

this me wanting to be me and live to serve them



humbly submitted


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2 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday: February 26, 2019”

  1. I can appreciate your dedication to your partner. I’ve no doubt said partner would be very pleased with your answers. I personally liked #3, particularly the part about only considering marriage if it were ‘full of kink’. I’d have to agree with you there! Haha!

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