Why Me?

so yesterday i dressed up all day. a day to be me and enjoy me.

why can’t i have the balls to do be me all the time?

i blame my up bringing and now i take care of 2 of my grandchildren 3 or 4 times a week  and see 2 of my other grandchilren who are 18 and 14.  they all know grandpa as amanly man. The guy who runs a successful youth sports program. A guy who is a jock at the age of 64. The man in charge.

but i just wanna be me.

wearing panty hose and skirts or dresses.

ah i enjoyed yesterday.

some pics



2 thoughts on “Why Me?”

  1. Thanks for sharing! I appreciate the follow as well. I took some time to go back and read through your older posts. I’ve been really enjoying your posts, loving all the pics. 🙂

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