Thank You Zebra

This happened a couple of days ago. i read one of the hottest sexist reviews on butt plugs ever. Thank You Zebra Rose. Here’s the link to the blog post

So i started reading it and took out my small plug and took off my cage (The Vice) and edged and edged. Took over 15 minutes and a couple of ice cubes to completely read and i was out of breath.

Here’s a pic of what i took off and plugged myself. I love these panties.


after putting the Vice back on and plugging myself, i went out and drove for Uber for 3 hours. if only my riders new what i was wearing under my drab clothes. Wonder if i would have gotten any tips.

20190205_151003so Thanks again Zebra Rose.  i was dripping all thru my driving times thinking and day dreaming about You and Hot Butt Sex

Have a great day

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