TMI Tuesday: March 26, 2019 Do Your Thang!

Do Your Thang!

  1. When you have experienced sexual difficulty, how did you overcome it?
    Strangely, never had difficulties maybe i am just lucky that way. My soon to be ex wife didn’t like anything kinky at all.  so i went and found folks to play with and enjoy.
  2. How do you like to reconnect with your significant other?
    At present I don’t have one to reconnect with. we used to pillow talk
  3. “It isn’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it.” How do you like to be done?
    I am very oral and love to be touched and to touch.  I really enjoy it when the partner I’m with has the confidence to know what she wants and is willing to guide. probably my submissive side.
  4. If you are married, were you ready for marriage?
    I as 18 the first time(lasted less then a year) and no way ready nor was she but we have a wonderful daughter from those glory years. The sex with her was unbelievable.  My next wife and now my ex yes ready and 43 years later divorce mainly because i won’t let my alter ego sindee go. s i have gotten older i love my persona as sindee.
  5. fronthoho
  6. If you are not married, are you ready for it? What makes you say that?
  7. I’m not married anymore and it would take a very dominant and Understanding Mistress to make me take that plunge again.
  8. Mistresssimone

Bonus: “It’s complicated.” In what way does this describes your current (or most recent) relationship? i have no relationship now sadly , playing by myself.

humbly submitted


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2 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday: March 26, 2019 Do Your Thang!”

    1. true that Sir, but i guess by sadly , i meant i would rather be with someone to serve them and give myself to them for their pleasure. Thank you for the response and maybe you say and that’s why it ain’t no thang LOL

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