TMI this or that

​1. Pancakes or waffles?

Chocolate Chip Pancakes Yummychocolate-chip-pancakes-side

2. Steak or Lobster?


3. Freckles or dimples?

 dimples and I love them, freckles look fabulous as well!

4. Board games or video games?

strangely i don’t like either

5. Dress up or dress down?

when I am home I always dress down…]to

6. Backseat of car or kitchen  counter? (Of course I’m talking about a spontaneous place to have sex)

would love to get taken on the kitchen counter…already done the backseat, on top of hood, on top of trunk, passenger and drivers side…

7. Nipple clamps or handcuffs? Tell us why you chose your particular sexual encounter enhancement?

I haven’t tried the nipple clamps yet and I think those would be too painful…I will have to go with the handcuffs…although not been able to move my hands kinds freaks me out

Bonus:  How was your weekend? Would you like to repeat it or never see that weekend again?
I was more active than usual which I very much enjoy!

not repeating it again but will continue to make them better and stay busy as much as I can

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