A New Life with Miss Judy

Good Day All,

i have been on OKCupid for some time now and never actually got past first meeting with anyone until Miss Judy. As most of You know i am very submissive. She read that sent me a nice long note that i immedidating responded.

We chatted online a bit. I sent the following 3 pics as She requested.

and a current selfie.  She approved and we scheduled a meeting for the next day. Coffee or tea at 1 at a Strabucks.  i was 15 minutes early and pacinig.  About 105, i knew it was Her, walking towards me.  Her hair and eyes grabbed my attention.  We exchanged pleasantries over coffee. She told me about Herself and not being with anyone for over 10 years and a bad divorce. And how She wanted total control.  i told Her my background and that i haven’t been with anybody for over 5 years  as i am getting over a 4o year marriage. We ralked and before i knew it, She invited me to Her place. Once we got there and She showed me Her studio. She pointed to the floor and without hesitation i was on my knees. Within  minutes i was worshipping Her back with a massage.  That continued with Her backside and sweet pussy. She directed me until She was confident in my oral service.  She came multiple times.  My chin was glistening in Her wonderful juices.  i laid between her thighs in Her and my afterglow.  She asked me if i touched myself.  My response shocked Her as i said no You were and are the focus my pleasure comes from You being happy and satisifed.  i laid between Her thighs and just enjoyed life.

After awile She said, “I’m thirsty you know where the kitchen is and water is in the fridge” away i went \, handing Her the cold glass of water as i kneeled at Her side.

She looked down and said ” you are mine my sweet toy. noone has touched me in 10 years. I hope you are as submissive like this all the time.  I expect to see you here tommorrow same time and bring your girl clothes. Mo touch yourself”

i kissed Her hands and feet good bye.

i haven’t dressed for anyone in quite some time so i was excited.

humbly submitted