Miss Judy Life goes on

I have now served Miss Judy wearing lace panties , Bra and lace top hose and heels. She choose my sissy collar for me to wear. i changed in Her bathroom.  When i came out She was wearing only a beautiful Bra and sweet thong.  i felt like i was in heaven wearing and getting approval for what i had on. She said ” why are you standing there? get on your knees and crawl over here and greet me properly” No hesitation down on my knees head bowed as i crawled to Her. She held out on hand I gently grabbed it and gave her hand a kiss.  She said kiss and suck each finger.  One hand then the next.  Words can’t describe how i felt.  She then wanted a back rub and went to Her bed.  i asked for permission to kneel on Her bed.  She granted and the massage started.  i have never taken ckasses but i have watched Youtube videos and given them to my exs.  Never any complaints.

Miss Judy after about 30 minutes in Her back, neck and shoulders ask me to asks permission to remove Her thing and concentrate on Her lower back and buttocks.  What a wonderful feeling to here Her moans and sighs of pleasure. She asked if i was hard and i apoligzed saying i am totally focussed on pleasing Her and not thinking about anything else.  She said “You are a true sub and I am going to enjoy you.  Would You like to taste me? then beg for to taste me”   as i continued to massage Her i started begging.  When granted permission. i slowly started licking around from Her belly button down. She was squirming and i could smell Her juices.  She pushed my head down and wrapped Her sexy soft thighs tightly around my head. Commanding me don’t be gentle i am wet and need to cum.  The next 30 or 40 minutes. i was in a place i haven’t been in years.  Totally immersed in pleasing Miss Judy.  As Miss Judy laid in Her glow and on Her side.  My head was on Her thigh and She patted my head saying “Good Toy Good Toy”

After about another 30 minutes, She got up and sat in Her easy chair.  i asked if i could sit along side Her. Permission granted.

She laid out some rules.  She lives in a multi unit place and has to come down to allow me in. In public She is Judy in private Miss Judy. i am Her Toy in private and my real first name in public.

when entering Her apartment i am not to speak but to remove Her clothes and put Her komana on. She looks so hot in it. Then i am to change in Her bathroom. And crawl to wherever She is Head bowed and awat Her desires/orders.

We looked at maids outfits on Amazon and She picked out a couple. One came today and i will see Her tommorrow. As She has a dr appoitnment and i shall pick Her up and take Her to lunch and home.  here’s the maid outfit i get to wear tommorrow as the adventure continues.

Can’t wait to pick Her up and clean Her condo in my new maids outfit

living the dream



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