a few days w.o. Miss Judy Mani-Pedi time

Hi Friends

been a few days with out Miss Judy. Tis Her birthday weekend and She has family coming from around the country and has put me away until Monday.  That;s when i can celebrate with Her.  She thinks it is to early for me to meet Her family even in male mode. i whole heartliy agree.

So i went i out got a mani – pedi at a place where i have been going for the last 2 years.  For some reason Maggie, The Nial Tech, told me She likes my shaved legs and soft feet.  She told that’s why She spends so much time on my feet and leg massage. i have always tipped Her well because She is really good.

i hope Miss Judy approves.

Here’s a few photo of my feet and toes and new foot chain.

humbly submitted