Hi Sexy Friends,

Well i heard from Miss Judy and now i jump for joy.  Busy life does get in the way and an oversensitive sub is probably never good. So i am a worry wart afraid of rejection.

Miss Judy has leet me ne freer then any time in my life. So i am glad our relationship will continue. i look forward to being with Her and serving Her as Her TOY !!!!!

Thanks for listening friends.

will post for SInful Sunday then back to work

My Sunday hang out do laundry dress and clean house.

Humbly submitted


Her toy



Hi Sexy Friends,

Well, not syre where my relationship with Miss Judy is heading.  the last 10 days , i haven’t had the opportuntity to be with Miss Judy.  Between Coaching soccer and family commitments i lost my voice. Laryngitis and antibotics for 7 days. Also had the power steering pump go out on my truck.  No transportation and lost of income for a week.

Our arrangement was for me to text Miss Judy good morning and in Evening text to request a call.  During one of these calls i text Her info on this blog.  She does relish honesty.  So She has access as She should.

This was going well until 2 days ago. My request to call was denied and the next morning. She texted that She was unhappy.  no Text for a day and a half. So today i sent an email with some photos with me in a new maid outfit. She likes lace so its lacy and new lace panties. Also in a collar.

So here i sit in a collar bare foot and summer dress not knowing and anxiously awaiting a reply from Miss Judy.


here’s an outake of my new maids dress and panties


humbly submitted


hopefully still Miss Judy’s toy