Hi Sexy Friends,

Well, not syre where my relationship with Miss Judy is heading.  the last 10 days , i haven’t had the opportuntity to be with Miss Judy.  Between Coaching soccer and family commitments i lost my voice. Laryngitis and antibotics for 7 days. Also had the power steering pump go out on my truck.  No transportation and lost of income for a week.

Our arrangement was for me to text Miss Judy good morning and in Evening text to request a call.  During one of these calls i text Her info on this blog.  She does relish honesty.  So She has access as She should.

This was going well until 2 days ago. My request to call was denied and the next morning. She texted that She was unhappy.  no Text for a day and a half. So today i sent an email with some photos with me in a new maid outfit. She likes lace so its lacy and new lace panties. Also in a collar.

So here i sit in a collar bare foot and summer dress not knowing and anxiously awaiting a reply from Miss Judy.


here’s an outake of my new maids dress and panties


humbly submitted


hopefully still Miss Judy’s toy

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