ME like me or not i am ME

Hello sexy Friends,

I have been wanting to write to express myself the best i can.  I have not read alll my email for a few days have over 150 to go thru.  I shall get to them. Its one of my favorite bloogers that inspired my title tonite.  Thanks Deviant Succubus.  She has an awsome body and beautiful eyes.  her blog(Bliss) today has a great photo. i so know that feeling from the photo. And also in her writing from one end to the other. I served a Mistress and Her sub hubby for a couple of years. And the blissfulnes of serving and just being in the moment. Under his cock and balls . yes bliss.

Now , hopefully Miss Judy will understand and not be upsey with my honesty in this post.  Yesterday, we had plans for the afternoon and evening which included an hours long drive to meet Her brother, lunch,and  some alone time.  When i picked Miss Judy up, She wasn’t in the best moods. She told me to not talk and just drive.  She didn’t speak to me and was texting on Her cell.  I have never seen this side of Her. i was unnerved and felt all alone for the first time since i have been with Her.  Finally, after about 45 minutes She opened up. Her brother cancelled and She had been looking forward toseeing him.

We had lunch done some shopping. i took Her home and She wanted me to leave which i did. Later i texted Her thanking Her for Her time and told Her how much i missed rubbing Her and tasting Her sweet juices.  Her response came an hout later.  You should have begged for the pleasure of serving. She gave me an assignment and said maybe tommorrow we can meet, if i finish the asignment.

So today , i went to a family function with a butt plug in and got quite drunk.  The tequila was flowing and i was enjoying.  One of my sil cousin’s ran his fingers in my hair and told me how soft and sexy my hair.  After abit he grabbed my arm and took me into the rest room.  For those that remember i am bi and love to be oral.  Once inside the stall i dropped to my knees and took Him deep into my mouth and enjoyed his juices.. He finished and left and said he would enjoy the next party even better because he knew a good cock sucker now.

So now i am home and sobberiing up. Craving something chocolate like this ok really craving to between Miss Judy’s soft sexy thighs tasting Her juices. and feeling guilty. 20190817_222731.jpg

So later today , i will beg forgivnes to Miss Judy for giving myself a little pleasure my blowing someone. Meanwhile i shall go to bed wearing one of my favorite nitghies.



Nite nite

humbly submitted


Miss Judy’s toy