Change of status to fwb

Hello Sexy Friends,

After a few days of me texting Miss Judy, Earlier in the day She texted me advising me to be ready for a phone call this evening. So i waited well it got to be nine pm and i send Her this message “Your toy is patiently waiting to hear Your lovely voice. i have missed being wiht You. Hope You approve of my new collar. the following photo was sent.


About 20 minutes later, Miss Judy, She was sad but correct in Her analysis of us being together. She wants to be friends with benefits.  i told Her i understand as we really only have sex in common and me dusting and cleaning Her apartment.  So there is the change.  The sex we have is amazing. i so love to be oral and massage Her body.  She has lovely breasts and i can make Her orgasm from sucking and nibbling on them. She told me no other man has been able to do that.  She has allowed me to shave Her completely. She tastes wonderful. Her legs wrapped around my head make me feel so good.

i sjall enjoy being in Her presence and cleaning for Her.

i will always be Miss Judy’s Toy




2 thoughts on “Change of status to fwb”

  1. Thanks for sharing. Hard to tell where this leaves you emotionally. I hope you’re ok. Post updates, please. 😘

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