inspired White Socks and a little pink

Good Day my Sexy Friends,

i follow several blogs and get inspired by them for some of my pics.

One of my favorites to read and check out pics is Holden and Camille ( . i so love the Photos that H takes. Very artistic and thoughtful and C is an exceelant model. Thank You to them and their friend Scarlett( who inspired me for these pics. BTW they are very sexy models.

so here i am boy do i need a Photogrepher like H.

Life goes on for this Crossdresser

Humbly submitted


By By Miss Judy

Hi Sexy Friends,

This has been in my head to write for the last 10 days a very hard thing. Well nothing lasts forever. Miss Judy and myself had to say nice try but this relationship wasn’t making it for either of us. She wanted more vanilla and i wanted to be sindee more.

It was fun and interesting.  Miss Judy has access to this account until She decides to not.  She also found out that i am bi and She didn’t like that or think She could handle that aspect.  So Thank You, Miss Judy we had some good fun times. If You ever want try again, You have my number.

Humbly submitted



TMI Tuesday: September 3, 2019

1. When you’re old, would you rather die before or after your significant other? 

i don’t have one now. but when i was married i always thought that i would out live her.

2. Would you rather live at the top of a tall apartment building, in your favorite city, or at the top of a mountain? 

i’m a city persson, however the top of a tall building nope no way. i would fear a building excvacuation.  So let’s do nature.  after all i could hang out nude.

3. Would you rather have to sew all your clothes or grow your own food? 

interesting choice guess i make my own clothes has to be easier then farming my own food.

4. Would you rather have your debt forgiven or have guaranteed good health for a decade? 

Good health it what i have had for 64 years like to keep it that way

5. Would you rather take a bubble bath with your boss or fuck your neighbor?

since i’m retireed it would have to be fuck a neighbor. but i had a couple of bosses that would have been interesting in bubbles.

Bonus: Would you rather have the details of your financial life or your love life be made public?

My financial life is boring and what would anyone want to know. Now my love life makes a tale. so be quick and say i made it and spent it so it goes


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