Been to busy

Hi Sexy Friends and Followers,

Lots of things going on. Nothing fun and sexy. working thru divorce and paperwork. Yeech paperwork.  My soon to be ex never understood or realized how much control She really had over me. i tried several times to eexplain FLR to her but it really wasn’t  her thing nor will it be, sadly.

So my life goes on.  Been wearing a collar when alone and when driving for Uber, gives me a sense of serving. Collar was bought for and with Miss Judy in mind but that didn’t work out.

Had my toe nails done. Bear Fan so Navy and orange are colors of the day.

Also took some pics with my new favorite shoes working on wearing them for more then an hour at a time..

did some laundry wearing all black was watching Australian Rugby that day also had black ballet shoes on.


so later maybe some pics for Lingerie is for EVERYONE and something for TMI

in the meantime

Enjoy life