Day After Black Friday

Good Day Sexy Friends and Followers,

Busy Thanksgiving now over 150 emails to check out. So after a day with my blind Aunt (87) and taking her to dinner. i write a post and some pics.

Thanksgiving was wonderful with my youngest Daughter and her family. My granddaughters give the best hugs. looking forward to traveling with my 2 granddaughters (18 months and 3 yrs) along with my Daughters MIL to Mexico. Unfortunately, not taking any of my women’s clothes so until i come home next year. That part of me will be left in Chicago.  I leave on the 11th.

so i am lounging in one of my new sweatshirt dress and snowman socks and new boots.


some may know i am inspired from time to time by some of the bloggers i follow.

So while i was serving Miss Julie, we bought this collar. i would wear it after i served Her and knelt at Her side.  We never did a formal collaring and She never wanted me to wear it until it was time for me to just kneel along side Her. But after seeing and reading Bound to serve Her (, i felt like i should wear my collar.  So here is a pic. i have been wearing daily while i Uber and even when i took out my Aunt.  i know i need to shave to much stubble.


So now its time to go thru some email.

Have a wonderful weekend



one of my favorites( maybe why i am Bi)





Week 46 – Lingerie Is For Everyone

now is the time of year i love for its Christmas time for my Christmas socks.

I will not be able to wear a different pair every day as i can’t take them with me when i travel. So here is one of my favorites;

Have a sexy week

Humbly submitted



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Hello Sexy Friends & Followers,

Here it is Thanksgiving and the first major holiday, that i wake up in an empty home.  i have lived here 33 years.  And in August my Daughter and her family were forced out due to this divorce thing. Yes i will be with my 2 beautiful granddaughters and her hubby and his family later. But that doesn’t help the emptiness now.  so when i saw this meme:

i felt grateful for my online supporters You have have helped me stay focused on a wonderful future so THANK YOU

Have a great day with whatever you are doing

I know mine will be.

Thanks Friends

Humbly Grateful



TMI Tuesday: November 26, 2019


TMI Tuesday: November 26, 2019

1. What childish thing do you still enjoy?

Playing in the rain


2. From what movie do you know a lot quotes?

Pulp Fiction

3. Would you say you use/recite movie quotes in conversations:
a. 10% of the time
b. 30% of the time
c. 50% of the time
d. 75% or more of the time

10% of the time, or less

4. What’s your favorite movie line or quote?

Say What again I dare You I double dare You

5. What is your favorite euphemism for sex?

Hanky Panky

Bonus: What’s the worst and best thing about being male?

Worst thing is being expected by society to be an alpha male all the time.

For me the best thing is when my grand children run up to hug me yelling Grampa ! Grandpa ! Grand pa

Humbly submitted



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Happy TMI Tuesday!


feeling lonely

Hello Sexy Friends and Followers,

it’s been almost a month since my last post.  Getting over a cold spent last 30 hours in bed been driking lemon water ,honey and Air Borne.  Also the last 2 weeks i have been interviewing Realtors as my soon to be EX has forced the sale of the house. i knew it was coming and maybe i have been hoping and dreaming She would change Her mind.

Well i did do some dress up before cold got me. Here’s me at Walmart the pics are cloudy don’t know why. Wearing leggings and tights under.

Bought 2 dresses from wish and some new boots.

and one inspired by a flckr friend


So maybe it was good that i have been under the weather. i caught up on my email and i added this post and pics from he last few weeks.

Have a great sexy weekend




i believe in it but #ShowStigmaTheFinger

So i am so for ebrything about #ShowStigmaTheFinger but because i am a grandpa and still in the closet. I only show my face to a very select few when crossdressing or being Bi.

Here is a quote from Sweetitz  “Hotoctopuss launched their campaign in New York aiming to tackle sexual stigmas – Six defiant activists shed their clothes to front the campaign and flip the middle finger to personal prejudices they have each over come; including racism, transphobia, body shaming, ageism, and homophobia. Headed by exclusive sex toy company @hotoctopuss
#showstigmathefinger #sexpositive) #everyonewantsgoodsex #youarepefectjustthewayyouare #allbodiesarebeautiful #slutshaming #beyou #ageisjustanumber

i think it comes down to a society that only wants “normality” what ever that is . It certainly isn’t a bi male who likes to crossdress and is submissive. That is who i am.

So here’s hoping the movement moves forward. And ouyr world changes and ebveryone just has respect for each other.  Let’s just be respectful of each other.

so herer’s my finger to all who love normality The best i will do


Thank You Hot Octopuss ( and my sexy blogger friend Submissy (

humbly submitted