feeling lonely

Hello Sexy Friends and Followers,

it’s been almost a month since my last post.  Getting over a cold spent last 30 hours in bed been driking lemon water ,honey and Air Borne.  Also the last 2 weeks i have been interviewing Realtors as my soon to be EX has forced the sale of the house. i knew it was coming and maybe i have been hoping and dreaming She would change Her mind.

Well i did do some dress up before cold got me. Here’s me at Walmart the pics are cloudy don’t know why. Wearing leggings and tights under.

Bought 2 dresses from wish and some new boots.

and one inspired by a flckr friend


So maybe it was good that i have been under the weather. i caught up on my email and i added this post and pics from he last few weeks.

Have a great sexy weekend