TMI Tuesday: November 26, 2019


TMI Tuesday: November 26, 2019

1. What childish thing do you still enjoy?

Playing in the rain


2. From what movie do you know a lot quotes?

Pulp Fiction

3. Would you say you use/recite movie quotes in conversations:
a. 10% of the time
b. 30% of the time
c. 50% of the time
d. 75% or more of the time

10% of the time, or less

4. What’s your favorite movie line or quote?

Say What again I dare You I double dare You

5. What is your favorite euphemism for sex?

Hanky Panky

Bonus: What’s the worst and best thing about being male?

Worst thing is being expected by society to be an alpha male all the time.

For me the best thing is when my grand children run up to hug me yelling Grampa ! Grandpa ! Grand pa

Humbly submitted



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