Week 46 – Lingerie Is For Everyone

now is the time of year i love for its Christmas time for my Christmas socks.

I will not be able to wear a different pair every day as i can’t take them with me when i travel. So here is one of my favorites;

Have a sexy week

Humbly submitted



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Hello Sexy Friends & Followers,

Here it is Thanksgiving and the first major holiday, that i wake up in an empty home.  i have lived here 33 years.  And in August my Daughter and her family were forced out due to this divorce thing. Yes i will be with my 2 beautiful granddaughters and her hubby and his family later. But that doesn’t help the emptiness now.  so when i saw this meme:

i felt grateful for my online supporters You have have helped me stay focused on a wonderful future so THANK YOU

Have a great day with whatever you are doing

I know mine will be.

Thanks Friends

Humbly Grateful