TMI Tuesday: The Christmas Edition

TMI Tuesday, the Christmas edition.


1. Have you ever kissed someone under mistletoe?

ANSWER: Yes.  i am hoping to do so again and hopefully will give someone some oral sex under it

2. Eggnog or hot chocolate?

ANSWER:Neither.   I don’ton’t like hot drinks period and eggnog has never done anything for me.

3. Colored or white lights on a Christmas tree?

ANSWER: Colored lights. i enjoy multiple of colors of light.

4. Real or fake Christmas tree?

ANSWER: Fake. Easy to put up. Easy to take down. Easy to put in a box and lights already on them and store in one’s basement for years.  Also many years ago i went to a Christmas tree farm to cut a tree down. it was a beautiful day and when i got to the farm a light snow fell, It was just beautiful and mystical.  After walking around the farm for 2 hours i didn’t have the will to cut a tree down. so i bought my first fake tree

5. What tops your Christmas tree?

ANSWER: A femdom Christmas angel. Just my dream a star atop mine

6. Candy canes, yuck or yum?

ANSWER: Yumyum i have an oral fixation so i just love sucking up and down a cane stick.

7. What is your favorite holiday dessert?

ANSWER: Candy Pie from Baker’s square.Chocolate cream pie whip cream and peppermint

BONUS: Are you going on holiday during the December holiday season? Where?

ANSWER: Yes in Mexico. My first time away from my entire family . i’m with my daughter , 2 granddaughters, and her family. The live in a small town very old fashion.   






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submissive Yes i am

Good Day Sexy Friends and Followers,

i never thought much about how submissive i was or am or have been in my life. One of the blogs i follow is written by a 34 year old slave. Slave Shae {} has me thinking. I have always  been a Mamma’s Boy and doing as my Mother asked of me. I believe She is the one responsible for me being a crossdresser.  My sister is nine years older and for Halloween as i was always dressed as her daughter.  My sister has always been there for me as my Mother had been . Mother passed away 11 years ago. Miss her dearly.  So i was always submissive to my Mother and Sister but not in a BDSM way. As years progressed i was always submissive to the Women in my life whether they knew or not.  My wife after 40 years of marriage figured it out decided i wasn’t alpha enough for her and left me.  My 23 daughters don’t really understand why She left and all are very synpathic with me thinking their Mom is crude.  My daughters have dropped their Mother in support of me , which i try to explain and tell them She is their Mother ot be loved always too.

So today while in small town Mexico, it hit me how submissive i am to my youngest daughter’s family ie In Laws. I don’t speak Spanish and have been to this town 6 times in the last 3 years.

I go no place with out a family member. So today, while in the big town about 6 miles from where we stay. My daughter’s FIL( Jose) asked me to come with Him to the big town. i always walk a few steps behind Him or anyone when i do to town.  He went to a bank and picked up some pesos(cash) , while i waited outside.  As He left 2 men walked behind Him.  One quickly stepped in front of Him and comforted Him asking for His money, while the one right behind Him put a knife to his side.  I quickly grabbed and disarmed the offender. while the other ran off.  i am not a hero bu any means. i worked with the Police for 20 years and trained with them.

Jose was surprised and told me i was his and everyone in the family’s body guard. i shrugged it off.  Telling Him i am only here because Your family loves me and am willing to help out any way possible.

So here in small town Mexico, where the men eat first and the children and Women eat after, i eat with the men and then help the Women clean up afterwards. Washing dishes when i am not pushed away.

i do love being here.

Humbly submitted




Join in on the fun of Lingerie Is For Everyone, Week 48

Good Day Sexy friends and Followers,

i was surprised yesterday with 2 packages so i found time tried them on and wore them all day. So i took a few pics of my new panties and bra.

i am so lucky and happy to be part of this Community\of sexy bloggers.

Lingerie is for everyone and every body.

No matter your gender or sexuality, no matter the size or shape of your body, no matter your ethnicity, if you love lingerie, you are welcome to contribute to this link-up. Your lingerie doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive, if it’s an undergarment t

hat you feel good in, that’s all you need. Likewise, if you’re less about pictures and more about words, written pieces that center on lingerie are accepted too – opinion pieces, fiction, and poetry are all welcome. Sexy, silly, provocative, revealing, there are no limits – just fun, encouragement, and community.

so i am off to Mexico with 2 grandchildren.

looking forward to getting away

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

Humbly submitted



TMI Tuesday: December 10, 2019

so here it is maybe my last one until i come back from Mexico after 1-2-2020. i leave in 2 days.

Happy Sexy Times

1. Christmas music is everywhere. It has been on the radio in my area since mid-November! If you had to listen to Christmas music, from one artist, non-stop during December who would be crooning those holiday tunes? (must pick one). Why did you make that choice?
a. Harry Connick Jr.
b. Mariah Carey

Definitely Harry Jr he is sexy and has a sound that warms my insides

2. In 2019, in the bedroom, were you mostly naughty or nice?

naughty masturbated way to many times

3. In your next sexcapade, who will be joining you (must pick one)? Why is that your choice?
a. Mr and Mrs Santa Claus
b. Grinch
c. Frosty the snowman
d. 4 of Santa’s elves

Without a doubt a wonderful thressome with Mr & Mrs love to be in between them dressed as an elf. winder if i could get Mrs to peg me while i was giving Mr a bj.


4. Do you celebrate any holidays in December? If yes, what?

Just Christmas this year gonna be in small town Mexico with my grandchilren

5. How will you be spreading holiday cheer in 2019?

enjoying time with family 


Bonus: What Netflix holiday movie do you recommend we watch?

i don’t watch Netflix but here’s a little diddy i do enjoy and if You follow some of my favorite bloggers, there were some wonderful blogs about Anal and fisting.

 The Wet  Spots Fist Me





 see who else is TMI


Ho Ho Ho Not really in the mood

Well the last 48 hours have been tough emotionally for me. This is more of a rant then anything else but i need it off my chest. So thank You me sexy friends and followers.

Although the house has been up for sale for 6 months with no real bites. Didn’t really bother me as much as my soon to be Ex.  She forced our daughter and 2 grandchildren and her hubby out of house in effort to sell. So i have been alone except for when i visit my grandchildren.  The court has order us to find a new realtor and approved of this one. He seems to be good but he didn’t like my furniture, the color of a couple of rooms, and what he calls clutter in kitchen on counters.  So i have painted and cleaned clutter up spent $500 so he can stage house for a quick sale.

The hardest thing i had to do was move my toys and tubs of fun clothes and  to basement.

While doing that i forgot about to nighties that hang in my closet.  Since i am leaving for Mexico on the 12th and not returning to the second of January. i wont be wearing any women’s clothes or heels and for some reason i am stressed over this.  Although i will be with my grandchildren and daughter and her hubby’s family, i will get no alone time.  So i may not be blogging or even checking my favorite bloggers. i am bummed. so to make me happier i wore the pink and then the black nightie with my green Ho Ho Ho socks.

Thanks for being here

humbly submitted


TMI Tuesday: December 3, 2019

A new month, a new TMI Tuesday!

1. What’s new with you?

Nothing really, life has been boring.  but i did get a micro abrasion hydrating facial.

no one noticed over the Thanksgiving weekend.


2. What do most people get wrong about you?

i have a very authoritative voice, so if i ask someone to do something they think i am mad.

3. Who in your past would you like to have sex with again?

my one and only threesome.  I was younger then the other guy and gal. They had a good time i was very oral and enjoyed every kiss, lick and thrust.

4. What do you always have time for?

going down and being oral

5. What is it about you that a lot of people comment on?

it is a tie between my hair and legs.

Bonus: Who has completely lost your respect?

i don’t want to get political here. and dont have anyone in my personal life.

so i lose out on the bonus so here’s a little chuckle

Humbly submitted




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Happy TMI Tuesday!