TMI Tuesday: December 3, 2019

A new month, a new TMI Tuesday!

1. What’s new with you?

Nothing really, life has been boring.  but i did get a micro abrasion hydrating facial.

no one noticed over the Thanksgiving weekend.


2. What do most people get wrong about you?

i have a very authoritative voice, so if i ask someone to do something they think i am mad.

3. Who in your past would you like to have sex with again?

my one and only threesome.  I was younger then the other guy and gal. They had a good time i was very oral and enjoyed every kiss, lick and thrust.

4. What do you always have time for?

going down and being oral

5. What is it about you that a lot of people comment on?

it is a tie between my hair and legs.

Bonus: Who has completely lost your respect?

i don’t want to get political here. and dont have anyone in my personal life.

so i lose out on the bonus so here’s a little chuckle

Humbly submitted




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Happy TMI Tuesday!