Ho Ho Ho Not really in the mood

Well the last 48 hours have been tough emotionally for me. This is more of a rant then anything else but i need it off my chest. So thank You me sexy friends and followers.

Although the house has been up for sale for 6 months with no real bites. Didn’t really bother me as much as my soon to be Ex.  She forced our daughter and 2 grandchildren and her hubby out of house in effort to sell. So i have been alone except for when i visit my grandchildren.  The court has order us to find a new realtor and approved of this one. He seems to be good but he didn’t like my furniture, the color of a couple of rooms, and what he calls clutter in kitchen on counters.  So i have painted and cleaned clutter up spent $500 so he can stage house for a quick sale.

The hardest thing i had to do was move my toys and tubs of fun clothes and  to basement.

While doing that i forgot about to nighties that hang in my closet.  Since i am leaving for Mexico on the 12th and not returning to the second of January. i wont be wearing any women’s clothes or heels and for some reason i am stressed over this.  Although i will be with my grandchildren and daughter and her hubby’s family, i will get no alone time.  So i may not be blogging or even checking my favorite bloggers. i am bummed. so to make me happier i wore the pink and then the black nightie with my green Ho Ho Ho socks.

Thanks for being here

humbly submitted


10 thoughts on “Ho Ho Ho Not really in the mood”

  1. That really sucks, I hope you can get this resolved as soon as possible.

    Can you take a couple if nighties as well as others in a suitcase to Mexico with you, just so you don’t miss it too much?

  2. You’re basically in limbo at the moment and it’s no fun there. It will pass. PurpleSole had a very good suggestion if that is a possibility.

    DO try and have fun on the cruise, they can be a blast.

  3. I agree! Relax, have fun. Bring your favorite things. You are going away from that stress, be true to yourself and leave it all behind. ♥️

  4. Sorry to hear about things upside for you right now. Hopefully it will pass quickly and things can move forward for you. I haven’t been to Mexico since the 90’s I miss it. Enjoy your holidays and stay safe.

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