Mexico 2019

Good Day my Sexy Friends & Followers,

Well now that I am back and have done all my laundry, house cleaning and getting settle back home from what might be my most memorable trip to Mexico.

I did write about what happened on like the 16th my fourth day there. That event changed they way folks thought about and treated me. I became a sort of celebrity no longer in the background being quiet and reserve. Helping out when I could ie washing dishes , doing laundry, cleaning up. Laundry is done by hand and hung to dry.  I did this every time i was there before but wasn’t allowed by the women this time

See the source image

As old fashion of a town can be. I am sure if they knew of my submissive nature and being a bisexual crossdresser I would be shunned. But alas they think of me as a hero.

It was a world wind tour of the local town having many local meals at various officials homes. Being served first and everyone making sure I was happy and enjoying life. For me embarrassing I want to serve I want to be in the background. Wasn’t happening. I was a guest of honor at the rodeo in town which included riding in the dignitary car. I would so much rather dance down the street in the parade with these lovely Ladies twirling a beautiful skirt going to rodeo.

Hardly a spot for someone who wants not to be in the lime light. There was much drinking of tequila which kept me from being able to write about the experiences as they were happening. Many nights ok almost every night, I was glad to be back with the family but rather drunk and just got ready for bed.

As you can see from the photos that I took from the net. Its a very smell town with great people.

I am thankful that I had a good time and enjoyed Mexico.

Humbly submitted


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