update not as planned

Good Day Sexy Friends and Followers,

Well being a submissive, means life is planned for you not by you. My Saturday was to have a 4 hour block. No grandchildren No Daughter just me getting to be sindee. A chance to dress up. Put on some girly clothes. Take a pic or two. But they changed plans. So as a sub my plans changed. Good news We all went out to dinner up in Kenosha Wisconsin. Bad news no sindee. So the MIL and her Mom went home on Sunday. And i got to babysit and played with my 2 granddaughters. i am not complaining maybe feeling a little disappointed. Thank You Posy for the good thoughts. sindee is inside waiting to come out. It will happen.

another from The Beatles “Let it Be”

Here is another oldie of me:

Peace and Love



Saturday maybe tonight

Good Day My Sexy Friends and Followers,

Well i woke up feeling nostalgic. We have my SIL mom and Grandmother over for the last few days. They leave tonight. I’m hoping to have some dress up time while they are taken home , hopefully all are going. I can’t remember when i last had a bra on or a butt plug. Panties yes i have worn them. But dressing up is what i am craving and serving someone and getting into my true sub space.

Why can’t all just understand Love is Love and let us enjoy who we really are and let us me real all the time.

Sindee taking a break after cleaning Miss Judy’s apartment. Yes those were the days my friends;

Break collared and leached

i leave you a little song from The Beatles. A rare taping Enjoy

Peace and Love



Happy Father’s Day

Good Day My Sexy Friends and Followers,

First off Happy Father’s Day

i have had an interesting week of emotions and feelings ranging from each end of the Spectrum. From good memories of my Dad and bad memories of how i treated him before he passed when i was 15. I was a teenager seeking independence not knowing what i wanted or where to go. i hung out with some gangs (Latin Kings N Black Panthers). Indeed i was a challenge.. He never lost his temper with me. It took some time but in my 30’s i went to college and graduated on the Dean’s list . In my 40’s i completed a Master’s degree while being on the Dean’s list and started coaching my daughter’s soccer team. Doing all the Father things being the man every loved all the while hiding Sindee from that world.

This week in the new house we (daughter , Her Hubby, 2 grand daughters) had my sister over and some of her granddaughters and 2 of her sons and wives.. My SIL did all the cooking and we all had a great time. As we chatted my Sister and her Hubby told me how lucky i was with my family and how proud my Dad would be of where i am today. however, i’m thinking if they only knew i would rather be in a dress with a slave collar and serving would i be happy inside.

So today for Father’s Day i will celebrate with my SIL and his Dad and family. Enjoying tequila and beer and familia

i hope that everyone can be free to be themselves and have a great day

Peace and Love



a blast from the past i do love being in pink

Monday new day new week

Good Day My Sexy Friends and Followers,

Well i woke up feeling refreshed and decided after making my bed to say thanks to those who like and comment on my blog. You all make me feel better when i’m down. Wish i could hug and serve each of you.

My first 2 blogs today had some lovely pics. Thanks Devie & Hannah McK.

Still no new pics so looking at some oldie but ones i like.

Christmas time always a Merry Merry time

No hippie pics of me but i have decided the days of peace and love seem to be gone so i shall add peace and love to my signature

Have a great day

Peace and love



Friday the 12th remembering

Good Day Sexy Friends ,

It’s a beautiful day in Northern Illinois. Went for a walk with granddaughters they are napping and i am looking at old photos.

Remembering days when i could dress like this and clean house

At Your Service

Have a great day




Hello Sexy Friends & Readers,

i have been following many blogs and thank you for those great reads and pics. This has been a rough time for me and motivation as i am sure many others have experienced.

Here’s something i wrote back on May 7:

Good Day Sexy Friends,

I know its been awhile. Been busy selling house closed in Februsry. Moved into 2 bedroom apartment with daughter, hubby and 2 granddaughters. Been looking for a bigger place. Haven’t had a chance to be sindee or dress up even a little as everything had to be put in storage. Kept my collar out and keep it hidden in the car for when I am alone and out and about. I know I shouldn’t be but we found a place and with the next 7 days will move again and sindee will come out of hiding from time to time.

My mind has been mixed with many different and disconnected thoughts its been hard to journal or write anything.

I must thank some of my fellow bloggers who I find give me a chance to escape my reality and join theirs. Thankfully I really enjoy slave shae who I feel especially close to as I live vicariously thru her adventures of slavedom. Then there are Devie, Franchesca, Miss D, who I can’t explain the mental connections I have with them. And Cara T, Lion and Lioness and Elliot all who live lifestyles that I admire an have relationships that I admire. And a sub-Bee and Missy and others that I may have missed.

I try to read and comment the best on I can on their blogs and others too.

You all help me stay mentally balanced thru this time of stress with the add corona virus stress as well

a heartfelt Thank You

Hopefully, pictures and my mind will clear up.

Thanks for hanging around

Peace Love to all