Happy Father’s Day

Good Day My Sexy Friends and Followers,

First off Happy Father’s Day

i have had an interesting week of emotions and feelings ranging from each end of the Spectrum. From good memories of my Dad and bad memories of how i treated him before he passed when i was 15. I was a teenager seeking independence not knowing what i wanted or where to go. i hung out with some gangs (Latin Kings N Black Panthers). Indeed i was a challenge.. He never lost his temper with me. It took some time but in my 30’s i went to college and graduated on the Dean’s list . In my 40’s i completed a Master’s degree while being on the Dean’s list and started coaching my daughter’s soccer team. Doing all the Father things being the man every loved all the while hiding Sindee from that world.

This week in the new house we (daughter , Her Hubby, 2 grand daughters) had my sister over and some of her granddaughters and 2 of her sons and wives.. My SIL did all the cooking and we all had a great time. As we chatted my Sister and her Hubby told me how lucky i was with my family and how proud my Dad would be of where i am today. however, i’m thinking if they only knew i would rather be in a dress with a slave collar and serving would i be happy inside.

So today for Father’s Day i will celebrate with my SIL and his Dad and family. Enjoying tequila and beer and familia

i hope that everyone can be free to be themselves and have a great day

Peace and Love



a blast from the past i do love being in pink

6 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day”

  1. I think your father would (& you should) feel proud of what you’ve achieved. and maybe he would understand your need for sindee in your life too. At the very least He might take a positive from having raised a son strong enough to follow their dreams, even though they lie off the beaten track.

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