Saturday maybe tonight

Good Day My Sexy Friends and Followers,

Well i woke up feeling nostalgic. We have my SIL mom and Grandmother over for the last few days. They leave tonight. I’m hoping to have some dress up time while they are taken home , hopefully all are going. I can’t remember when i last had a bra on or a butt plug. Panties yes i have worn them. But dressing up is what i am craving and serving someone and getting into my true sub space.

Why can’t all just understand Love is Love and let us enjoy who we really are and let us me real all the time.

Sindee taking a break after cleaning Miss Judy’s apartment. Yes those were the days my friends;

Break collared and leached

i leave you a little song from The Beatles. A rare taping Enjoy

Peace and Love



3 thoughts on “Saturday maybe tonight”

  1. Oh sindee – it must be so tough not having the space and time alone to be yourself, doing ‘you’. I keep my fingers crossed that you’ll get some privacy at home later so you can indulge yourself. ((hugs))

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