2 busy weeks of Sublife

Good Day My Sexy Friends and Followers,

My last 2 weeks were big surprises for me and i’m now in Mexico until Sept 1. Could hardly, believe when i got a call out of the blue from one of my former secretaries who i always had a crush on and wished She would be my Mistress. Well She is retired and living in the woodlands of Northern Wisconsin and asked me if i could visit her and her hubby. She also told me She had a surprise for me. On the same day my SIl and his family asked me if i could help Senior and accompany him to Mexico for 3 weeks. Where he is to get a medical procedure and i cold be nurse maid while he recovered. The family assured me there would be plenty of folks to come by to feed us and check in on us. I don’t speak Spanish so i don’t shop or so i stay in the house, patio, etc. some are calling me the dark quiet one.

Well when i got up to Northern Wisconsin, My first surprised was the hugs i got from Mistress Kate. Yes i am calling Her Mistress. After catching up on our lives haven’t seen or spoken to each other for over 8 years when i retired. She mentioned that She found my blog and before She was my secretary in her 20’s She was a Pro Dom and knew from the moment we met that i was submissive. So for the 5 days i was with Her and Her subby hubby. i was their maid servant. She was disappointed that i didn’t bring and sissy clothes so i was mostly naked. Her hubby had never been with a guy. They had been thinking about it that for some time and when She found my blog. She thought maybe a perfect match for all of us. i was almost instantly at ease and into sub space. Ready to serve them both. i was to call Her Mistress and Him Sir except when out. then use regular names. To speak only when spoken to and to be direct with answers no explanations just a yes or no. Later She commented that when were out to eat or shop that my head was usually looking down and tat i followed them with out being told. ( this was done by instinct and i didn’t notice i was doing that) A proud moment

This turned out to be a fantastic week up in the woods. Because of the pandemic my nails hadn’t been done and looked terrible. She thought that since i was staying without having to pay for a hotel, we should go get pedicures. Her husband drove us to the Nail Salon and opened doors and sat outside the shop for us . Only time he really served me. She introduced me as Her cabin boi. Although i think they thought boy.

As they lead us to our spots, i went over to Her side bent down and took off Her flip flops and assisted Her into to relaxing station. They had stunned looks and i just said this is what Cabin Bois do. She chose our colors. This is the only pic she allowed me to show for the week.

I had the pleasure of kissing those toes many times.

The week was filled with many moments of pleasure for all of us.

Mistress Kate will let me tell more of the week later. She is still living a mostly vanilla life and dosen’t want Her or His family to know about this life style. She has assured me and i Her that we shall be spending more time together. She tells me She is following me and i don’t know or will ever know what Her pen name is nor will She ever comment on the blog but privately. I so look forward to telling more and being with them.

Spoiler alert – They both taste wonderful. Leaving me wanting more.

Will do another post about Mexico’s first week later not as much fun.

Until then PEACE & LOVE

humbly submitted