Mistress Kate day 1

Good Day My Sexy Friends & Followers,

well i am still in Mexico and these photos are from Mexico.

Mistress Kate approved the following but did not allow any photos of Her or Her hubby or of my time with them. She has a very private life and would not want Her Family to know or certain Friends. I shall follow Her and keep Her lifestyle our secret.

Well after Her affirming Her dominance over me and talking about what Her and Her Hubby were looking for. We had lunch and i cleaned up afterward. We then did the pedi thingee. Wen we got home She asked me to get a big pan and fill it with water. She had a surprise for Sir. She had him sit at the head of the table and wait. As i was filling a pan, She came and gave me instructions. i was to wash His feet and gave Him a foot massage. He has never had one or a pedi. i went and got my cream and retuend. I kneeled before Him, and said ” Sir i have been instructed to wash your feet and massage them May i please remove your shoes and socks?” He smiled ” I have never had anyone kneeling at my feet requesting to give me any thing Yes you may slave”

i removed his shoes and socks and washed His feet and toes. As i was massaging them He looked down at me with a smile ” your hands are so soft and this feels wonderful Thank you” i looked up smiling “no Sir Thank You may Pleaseee i kiss your toes and feet?” He looked at Mistress Kate and She smiled and nodded. So i spent the next 30 minutes or so kissing and sucking his toes. Feeling like i died and went to heaven. Mistress Kate stood up and said” that’s enough for now , you can taste more of Him later . We have some other things to do. That was a great start to the late afternoon leading into dinner time.

At dinner Mistress Kate, Sir and i had some wonderful conversation. Which has changed my name of flickr to slave instead of sissy sindee. she believes me more of being bi and not a flown blown sissy. Sir also chimed in my saying He didn’t want to have to be with a sissy and didn’t mind the bi sexual thing and that he was looking forward to out interactions.

When we returned to the house, i stripped naked and help both of them into their lounging attire. Picture a long lace see thru nightie and a playboy smoker jacket. They looked divine. Mistress had me more them some wine and i knelt between them rubbing their legs as we watched some movie. At some point Mistress Kate opened Her legs, i viewed that as an invitation to move between them and rub them. She directed me to kiss Her sweet spot and moved one of my hands to Sir’s rising cock. After a few moments and Her sweet taste filling my mouth. She pushed me aside and straddled Sir Telling me to guide His cock into Her. What a lovely site and feeling. i still pinch myself. as i knelt there i was so into the moment that i just leaned in and started kissing and licking His balls. His moans let me know it was too much as he clinched and shot His load. We were still and all breathing heavy. When She rolled over still on top of Him and spread Her legs revealing Her sweet Pussy and His gleaming but soft cock between Her legs. She said ” don’t you want to clean this all with your tongue?” didn’t answer just starting licking His cock and then i slowly sucked it into my mouth with my tongue twirling around it. What a lovely feeling the cock hardening in one’s mouth. He was rubbing Her breasts and moaning. Suddenly She was tapping my head ” Are you forgetting me?” i moved into Her thighs and started licking and sucking the wonderful juices. This felt like it would never end. And after awhile we all went to bed.

What a great first day and night. Thank You Mistress & Sir

Peace N Love

humbly submitted