Guess the MasK

Good Day My Sexy Friends and Follwers,

Thank You Succulent Savage and Porn Girl for helping me get back into some focus. The last week has been very disjointed in my mind. Thoughts going everywhere but really no where. In Mexico, i tend to follow Mr. A and anticipate needs and just do things. Like when shopping i stand t the side silent and when bags are backed i instinctively grab and carry them. Somewhat like a pack mule and load and unload the car. Well most often Mr. A makes me smile and says “that’s a good Boy” . And so it goes keeps me in subspace. Love being in Mexico

So i friend of mine in Chicago loves to sew ad made this mask especially for me. Look close and see if you can figure t the design. i needed a hint.

Beautiful Mask


Humbly submitted


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