Good Times – Mistress Kate

Hello Sexy Friends and Followers,

i slept like a baby last night. i didn’t mention that they have 2 bull mastiffs beautiful dogs that have their own bedroom. Before going off, Mistress Kate had decided that i should not cum until She thought i deserved it. So She tied to silky scarves around my waist capturing my cock and balls in such a way as that a could not to touch them. Ii was then instructed to let the dogs out in the yard. They went to their respective bedrooms as did i after getting the dogs back in. i enjoyed the way the silk felt on my body and the dogs smelt my crotch area several times.

i was first up and prepared pancakes and bacon after letting the dogs out. i was very anxious for Mistress Kate to wake so i could use the rest room. When she came down, i was amazed at how beautiful she looked. She summoned me as She stood at the bottom step and pointed to Her feet. i kneeled and kissed Her feet good morning. She patted me on the head “good Boy this is the way you should start every day with me”. She undid the scarves and i was now completely nude. She sat down and i served Her breakfast asking “is Sir coming down?” Her response “do you know that last night was the first time was the first time a man has touched Sir the way you did let alone touch his cock?’ hmm was all i could muster before i said “i trust Sir enjoyed it.” “Oh He did and i think its time for him to get up. Why don’t you go upstairs quietly and sneak into his room and wake him with your lips on his cock but don’t let him cum. now go” i did as i was told. sneaking under his covers and engulfing His hard cock was so nice. When he started waking up he stroked my head and said “oh Kate , you have never done this it feels so good” after a fewlicks to His balls. He said ” Oh shit i’m sorry, i should have known it wasn’t Kate.” i looked up and said “if your awake breakfast is ready down stairs and Mistress Kate told me to now let you cum. He gently swatted my head and said” i gotta pee go”

After breakfast, Mistress Kate had me shower and dry Her. i did the same for Sir. After my shower, we took the dogs for a walk enjoying the beautiful weather. Upon entering the house, i stripped and started making sandwiches for lunch. At lunch, Mistress Kate decided that we should go to the local pet store as the dogs were low on food. Sir stayed at home Mistress drove. i opened and closed car doors as well as store doors. On the drive, She spoke ” i am going to a store in another town and will ask you to do something inside and i don’t want to hear anything but Yes Ma’am. Understand? What else was i to say but Yes Ma’am

In the store we went straight back to the pet beds. She found one She liked and Looked at me saying ” take that one down and lay in it to see if it fits” Yes Ma’am as i did as told. It was a little small. She found another one that was bigger. it fit much better. She said “well the other was nicer for my room but this will do. Let’s go” When we got home, She told me to place the bed where i sat on the floor to watch tv. Later in i was allowed to sleep in Her room at the foot of the bed. The day was pretty much uneventful.

the next day we packed for 2 days at the cabin. My bed included. The cabin is very secluded and about 30 minutes from Her house. Cabin is acessible by 4 x 4 only about 10 minutes of a tough dirt road. After unpacking, Mistress announced we were all to go skinny dipping. i was somewhat surprised but the way the lake and cabin are there was nobody around. We frolicked in the water for what seemed like hours. touching each other teasing one another. Sir even grabbed by cock and stroked it. the dogs had a great time too! being nude and frolicking in the sand leaves sand every where. Shower time i soaped each of them up as they kissed each other confirming that Mistress Kate was right about me and that i can be trusted to give them both a good time. and that it was good for me to be there. my cock was bobbing wanting to be touched and have a good cum. Bit that was not to happen as i dried them off, Mistress Kate looked at me ” you better take a cold shower and let that cock shrink No cumming yet” Yes Mistress.

we stayed naked through out dinner and as it cooled down we lit the fire place. i sat in my bed between them / They each put a leg on my shoulder and i just started rubbing their feet and legs kissing them alternating between them. Oh the joy i was feeling. Sir said ” i never would have thought having a slave around would be good. i’m glad you talked me into this. Boy come get me hard” My mind and body just went into auto pilot. i turned around crawled between His legs rubbing them and kissing His thighs first one then the other until i could just put the tip of my tongue to His now raging hardon. He was massaging Mistresses breast and fingering Her. They were both moaning. This lead onto another sex filled evening.

So went our days at the cabin. No clothes needed. some fun and relaxation . i did all the cleaning and cooking and caring for the dogs. It was blissful Thank You Mistress Kate and Sir.


Humbly submitted


At your service

12 thoughts on “Good Times – Mistress Kate”

  1. Your outfit is just right- you should always show your shapely legs.

    Such adventures you had – it sounds exciting & you’re making yourself very useful. I’m looking forward to hearing more sindee. Xx

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