Good Day My Sexy Friends & Followers,

Well it’s been half a month since i last blogged. Since being back from Mexico, i sent a week fishing with my SIL, his Dad, 4 Uncles and a good friend. Now i have never fished before. i really didn’t fish. But i drive a boat and clean. So i was dedicated to cooking , cleaning and piloting the boat. i became the cabin bitch and actually had a good time serving the guys and keeping the cabin clean. i actually caught some fish including what turned out to be the biggest one. My SIL and friend baited my hook with little fishes and any that i caught the took off the hook for me. Mr. A

cleaned the fish and grilled some up one night.

So on another note after 3 years and 6 plus months, by now ex wife finally settled our divorce and its official. i am free. i do live with my SIL and daughter and two granddaughters (3,2). so my free time is busy caring for the young ones and keeping house. Today i have some free time and am wearing my collar and a dress.


Humbly Submitted


10 thoughts on “Update”

  1. I love your dress, you look great in it – so relaxed. I’m pleased you have closure with your divorce & im happy that you enjoyed your fishing trip – managing to find a ‘service’ role in your day to day life. Excellent x

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