Good Day Sexy Friends & Foloowers

Today has been a day of rest sfter a very busy yesterday. I was on the soccer field yesterday all day runing Coaches and pplayers thru a skills and drills program. This is the first of 7 weeks. It went well with socail distancing and everybody being safe a total of 30 coaches and 400 players. Next week and following weeks i will be just observing. i got new toy today a selfie stick. It;s been a little chilly so i wore leggings for the first time this season. Here’s the first pic and a couple of others.

First pic wiht Selfie stick

Have A Great Week

Peace N Love

Humbly Submitted


10 thoughts on “Sunday”

  1. Marvellous news – training wise & selfie stick (u know I’m a fan!) your legs look great & shoes are very va-va-voom!

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