for those who need a shot or 2

Good Day My Sexy Friends and Followers,

Normally, my post include at least one photo of me. Not Today its about 3 things are world needs a whole lot more of Peace – Love – Happiness. I am a product of the 60’s . hippies , love, going to a non denominational church. What does that mean ? i am a peaceful loving and happy person.

i believe i am here to serve, respect, and love others. Maybe that’s why i am bisexual. Love one another.

I am thinking of getting a tattoo. here are 3 choices i am thinking of i shall add a poll on Twitter for a vote (

so its Peace – Love – Happiness to all

Humbly submiteed


a little note

Good Day Sexy Friends and Followers,

i had a chance to dress up a little and hang out in bra and panties with my collar on and interesting enough Mistress Kate called. We had a delightful chat and She asked me to tell Her what i issed about not being up with Her and Sir. She decided i should write about it .

i miss being at their side as they watch a show someitmes one of them is petting y head. Other times i might be rubbing their feet. Or being asked to get snacks or drinks. i adore how they can interact and ignore me but yet snap a finger to get my attention. I miss Her lovely body and being able to wash and massage Her and of course Sir too. I enjoy opening car doors for them when we go out. i miss them ordering food for me at a resturant . i miss carrying in the groceries and putting them away. But most of all i miss their company. We have yet to establish dates fr my week in November. i so look forward to that week.

Have a Great day

Peace N Love

humbly submitted


quick photo of bra and collar

bra and collar